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                                      Online Music Training

Science now shows that any person can be healthier by MAKING music instead of simply listening. I can help!

Unfortunately, my experience indicates that free online training in playing keyboard might not work that well if you don't know how to play AT ALL. Same with guitar or voice or any instrument!

So there IS a problem. How can it be solved?

I can explain how.

All you need to do is ask via email or phone - very easy and not at all threatening.

Still, you'd like to limit your outgo and I don't blame you. Here's an essay on how to do that!

You are also likely wondering how much my services might cost and whether they will be any fun. (I know those would be MY questions!)

Cost depends utterly on what you need and fun is largely up to you, although I know that you can find lots of fun in that learning!

I'll be happy to answer any questions FOR FREE so long as I know what those questions are.

You must contact me somehow if you want some help! (Contact info is on the left.)

Older folks should know that learning new things, especially how to play a keyboard, keeps your brain going STRONG and your hands SUPPLE.

The following list of my services below goes from cheapest to most expensive (although they are ALL much cheaper compared to the cost of live teachers!)

Also, online services are available on YOUR schedule!

This list will be followed by full descriptions of each offering!

1. My Books - I've written 30+ books which deal with the "less traditional" side of music education. You can find them HERE!
The most expensive of these is $9.

2. The Dan Starr Membership Site - Are you having trouble with reading? Practicing? Fingering your music? Particular tunes? I cover all of this, plus a ton more
HERE!  The cost is a measly $10/month.

3. Personal "De-bug" Service - A unique service which can certainly get you moving forward again with your playing, practicing, whatever.   This service is a bit more expensive but works permanently. I charge a $200 "one-time" fee and if something DOES come up later it is included in that original fee.

I'll now describe each item (I've included further links for your ease of use.)

1. My Books -

There are books on how use using chords and fakebooks, how to buy a keyboard or digital piano, etc. (using examples galore.) You get more from books than just about anything. Access books HERE!

2. The Dan Starr Membership Site -

Many people who play have problems. I created this site to help them. (Of course, if you have no problems then you don't need any help!)

For a small monthly fee (of $10/ month, which is only 1/12 of the monthly rate for personal lessons - excluding the gas to your teacher's studio) you can access every one of my techniques and methods.

It's like having your own instructor on your schedule. Sample 25+ years of teaching. Go here to check this out!

3. Personal De-bug Service -

The Personal De-Bug Service is how I've learned to solve long term troubles of folks I'm never likely to meet.

This action consists of a thorough of what's preventing your advancement.

You'll have to contact me to get this going.

It will prove just what you need to "un-stick" you. It could take a few days, but it WILL work (cause I'll make sure it does!)


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