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You know how some adults struggle with getting something they like out of their keyboard? I help them do so they can relax after working hard all day (if that's what they want!)






Having some trouble with that keyboard of yours? Not sure what do with it - how to get what you want from it? Perhaps you haven't even purchased one yet and are looking for some recommendations. All begins with contacting me and explaining your needs/wants, as I tailor all I do to the needs of the person - THAT won't be changing any time soon!


My name is Dan Starr and and I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. I'm a keyboard instructor, as well as an professional performer. I love to teach, so much so that I perform for nothing at all so long as whomever is "hiring" me knows that I will "troll" for students.

You don't stay in business since 1987 by ripping off decent people. I don't do it. First, a short video to convince you I can play well. Once you've watched this, then go to "Contact Me" on the left and tell me what you need/want in the way of music.

Learn about me at "My Story" (to the left!) or check out my

"blog" at


Here you see me accompaning a vocalist.